The pandemic has impacted on every single person across the world, for those of us who are woodturners we have lost our normal round of demonstrations, symposia, courses and other turning fun stuff.

Like many others, those earning part or all of their living from demonstrating or teaching woodturning have seen their livelihoods simply vanish overnight and sadly, even after this length of time, it seems like we are still a long way from getting back to anything like normal. 

Lots of woodturners have taken the plunge and invested heavily in IRD equipment and quickly learned a whole new set of skills  to get back to passing on the knowledge they have to others and subsidise their income.

Events have sprung up online and, whilst these are very good, they are organised and run by organisations or individuals and don't necessarily focus on helping the demonstrators and turners who are struggling.

So we have decided to take a different approach, our aim is to support woodturners who have given so much to inspire and educate the woodturning community. We are running the event on a different basis, once running costs are covered all proceeds will be divided equally amongst the demonstrators, entertainment and support team.

Everyone will benefit equally from the event.

All going well we want to make this an annual event and, based on our payment scheme, we hope that demonstrators will apply to join us for future events because it will be made worth their while!

Yes, it is a bit of a risk but if we don't try then we will never know if it will work or not.