Arun Radysh Haasis: Woodturning

I am eighteen years old, and live in a remote glen at the fringes of the Cairngorms. I have always been drawn to the unique patterns in different woods which inspired me to start woodturning 3 years ago.

I began practicing on my tutors wood lathe and the moment I started I loved it!

I think it is great when experienced tutors pass on their skill and knowledge to the younger generation, that keeps craftsmanship alive and skills are not forgotten in our age of technology.
I am inspired by nature and organic design and my wood turned items reveal subtle sensitivity to material and form. All of my wood is sourced locally and searching for unique stumps, burls and tree crotches is part of the creation of my wood work.

During the covid-19 pandemic I have been challenging myself with more complex projects and am now mainly working on much larger pieces which I turn on my Wadkin RU pattern makers lathe.

This has given rise to many new and creative ideas and I continuously work on achieving the new goals I set for myself. 

My Demonstration

I am going to be doing a collaborative demonstration with Carl Burn I will be making a vessel with an aperture to receive a lid, The lid will be made by Carl using a handheld CNC router called a Shaper Origin.